TIME is a magnificent internet service provider company that gives amazing packages for its customers. While the other companies were battling each other with their 100Mbps package at RM129 for a month, TIME is currently running assistance. You can get the 100MBPS package at RM99 for each month. If I could say that this is the most affordable price that everyone can afford, then it will not be wrong. You will get a TP-LINK archer c1200 router in this package. It is also the latest type of router that is available in the international market.

Best Package:

None of the network packets will drop down due to this router. If you are willing to get the high-speed internet Malaysia, then your search will end here. Get this most affordable price for your home or your office and enjoy surfing. Many people around you will think that 100 MBPS is only a digit. However, you are going to get full 100MBPS in this package. Therefore, rely on this company for the best and most high-speed internet Malaysia.

On the other hand, you will also get a basic voice package. Therefore, make calls with your loving ones over the 100MBPS package and start sharing the love with each other. It is the most affordable type of package that is the need of every multinational company and also for the colleges and universities. 

If you are now willing to grab this sensational time 100mbps Malaysia package for your offices, then you don’t have to be late in contacting. We will be there at your doorstep for the installation of the package. The personal time 100mbps Malaysia package is quite different from the business package. In the business package, you will be able to enjoy more exciting features as compared to the personnel package. As we know that the personal package is suitable for 6-8 person connection for the proper speed division. With the help of new style router, none of the data packets will lose. Therefore, this is the sensational and prestigious type of package that is suitable for all the internet using people.

Things which you must provide an online form:

Forgetting an internet connection, you just have to fill some details on the online form. The things that you have to provide for the installation            are mentioned below in this paragraph. They are,

Contract details: Select the duration of your package.

Internet package: Select the internet package that you want to get.

Voice package: Select the package of voice that you want to avail.

Personal detail: In personal details, you have to provide name, phone number, nationality, gender, date of birth, email address, building name, and address.  

Symmetrical upload and download speeds.

Low contention.

Free Voice Calls. (Valid for new 50Mbps and 100Mbps plan signups)